Gallery: Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full dental crown restoration of patient with open bite.

The patient suffered from a condition called FLUOROSIS caused by over exposure to fluoride during early years of life, which affects the formation of the enamel of the permanent teeth.  Treatment included full ceramic crowns.

Patient with open bite and stained teeth – Complete mouth reconstruction: combination of metal ceramic crowns on the back teeth and Emax crowns on the front teeth.

Complete mouth reconstruction with dental implants ceramic crowns

Complete mouth reconstruction: full ceramic crowns

Patient grinds his teeth – Complete mouth reconstruction with metal ceramic crowns.

Complete mouth reconstruction.

Complete mouth reconstruction: full Zircon crowns

Smile line before and after.

Complete mouth reconstruction with dental implants Zirconia crowns

Radiographic view before and after.

Patient lost teeth due to periodontal disease. We replaced with All-on-4 Dental Implants.

All On Four Dental Implants in Houston Texas