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At Northwest Houston Prosthodontics, we are dedicated to the practice of reconstructive, esthetics, and implant dentistry at the highest level as a recognized specialty. Restoring optimal esthetic and function for patients is a purpose we truly value because of the trans-formative impact upon their lives. It is also a challenge that inspires us to continue making strides in technology and education.

We take the time to assess your overall oral health and dental needs through a comprehensive evaluation. We propose the best treatment for your situation, from a simple filling or a single crown, to the most advanced dental reconstruction; each problem is addressed with the same high level of precision and accuracy. Combining the specialist’s skills with the artistry of our technician is the formula for success in achieving both beautiful smile and ideal function. We understand that people have different circumstances, and we believe that those differences must be considered and respected during the development of treatment plans.

Dental Treatments Offered

We are here to provide you with options that will enhance your natural smile and promote your long-term dental health.

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Full dental crown restoration of patient with open bite.

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